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Emma Scully Gallery is proud to present ‘Together over time,’ a debut solo exhibition at the intersection of emotion and perception from avant-garde designer Rafael Prieto – Founder and Creative Director of creative studio Savvy – premiering April 6, 2023.

Encompassing furniture, sculpture, and lighting, this amalgamation of nine works born from Prieto’s singular creative vision speaks to the casualties of beauty through the lens of observation. “Going through each day, observantly and present in the natural world,” Prieto says, is the founding principle of this interconnected showcase.

A natural elegance is at play with the materials chosen for these works – wood, glass, stone, ceramic – finding balance in gentleness and strength. From there, it's the placement and arrangement of each piece within the gallery that offers a new kind of spatial language that’s open to interpretation to each viewer. “I see this as a concrete poem or haiku – something for others to engage with and feel connected to, as I do,” says Prieto.