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‘Reflecting Women’ invites visitors to discover themselves within the imagination of each participating designer through a mirrored, multi-medium experience where – through the act of observation – you may recognize yourself. 

Upon entering the Curio, visitors are immersed in a space of female creativity and creation – its essence and its output. Two new edition parachute lights – the latest works from Bec Brittain (see ‘Paraciphers’) mimic the rhythm of sea creatures at the entry alongside the debut of a custom colorway of Jane Atfield’s classic RCP2 Chair and coffee table in an impossibly vivid cherry red. 

As visitors explore further, walking deeper into the space, there are moments of shared refraction, reflection and shadow that are cast by the inflation and illumination of Brittain’s lights. This movement morphs from feeling to reflection as visitors capture their own images mirrored back to them in glimpses from the back wall of the Curio, dressed in commissioned mirrors from Rooms Studio, Simone Bodmer-Turner, Ibiyanε, Jaye Kim, Nel Verbeke, Jenny Min, and Kaja Upelj. If only for a moment, visitors see themselves, side by side with the women’s work before the lights deflate,  returning them once more to the wider world of the fair.