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Emma Scully Gallery is pleased to present 'Green World', featuring works by AmadourJenny Hata Blumenfield, Ebitenyefa Baralaye, James CherryMeritxell Duran, Brecht Wright Gander, Dana Harel, Jaye Kim, Alex Kovacs (Boy Ceramics), Lucia Massari, Jenny Min, Walter Mingeldorf, Isabel Rower, Pam SabrosoTellurico, and Kaja Upelj

The 'Green World', comes from a term coined by literary critic Northrop Frye to describe the forest as a metaphorical place of nature and transformation in literature. The Green World serves as a landscape of creativity, desire, magic, and liberation, where characters in literature escape the constraints of civilization to experience growth and change.

The sculptures on display will showcase the imagination and wildness of the forest, depicting each piece as both a character and an object, animated and humorous, with a human-like quality. Through this exhibition, we celebrate the Green World as a place of unconstrained creativity and invite viewers to consider the transformative power of nature as portrayed in literature.