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Sight Unseen Saturday Selects Week of June 12, 2021

Emma Scully Gallery‘s latest show, Cast Iron, takes advantage of a concept we’ve always been surprised isn’t used more often: selling digital designs that can be fabricated close to the buyer, eliminating the need for shipping (and its consumption of CO2). Of course with 8 pieces by 8 designers all made out of heavy-ass cast iron, we’re not surprised Scully went this route; the ones in the show, however, were all made by the O.K. Foundry in Virginia. Pictured above are chairs by Tellurico (top) and Chen Chen and Kai Williams (bottom), but pieces by Brecht Wright Gander, Faissal El-Malak, Bradley L. Bowers, Ryan Decker, Charlotte Kingsnorth, and Nel Verbeke are also included. Photos by Chris Mottalini