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Emma Scully Gallery is proud to return to Design Miami/ for the second consecutive year with the Curio presentation, ‘Nightscape’ (Booth C01).

‘Nightscape’ takes inspiration from old New York, transporting the visitor to a 1930s lounge, where they can sip Martinis and take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city outside.

Inspired by the pioneering New York photographers of the 1930s, this booth brings new design perspectives to our moment, presenting works by Rooms Studio, Rafael Prieto, Simone Bodmer-Turner, EJR Barnes and Jenny Min. Pulling from various stylistic references and far-ranging craft techniques – from Wiener Werkstätte to Art Deco, the ceramic techniques of 18th Century Europe to Washi paper craftsmanship of Japan – each designer has thoroughly mined history, reinterpreting it to bring forth their own voices in the present day.

Wallpaper is generously provided by Wallpaper Projects, and the booth photography is by Joe Kramm.